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About the Club:


  The Mission of Scroll Syndicate Veterans Motorcycle Club is to continue the traditions of Ranger brotherhood and bring together Rangers who share a passion for riding motorcycles.


  SSVMC’s goal is also to raise funds to support families of fallen Rangers, families of deployed Rangers, and members of Regiment both past and present.


  SSVMC is a veteran’s motorcycle club and non-profit organization. SSVMC is completely independent and does not support any other motorcycle club.


About our Colors:

SCROLL: The patch awarded to those assigned to a Ranger Battalion or Regiment. The Ranger dress scroll is black with a red border, and white lettering denoting a Ranger’s Battalion or Regiment.


SYNDICATE: A self-organizing group of individuals, or entities formed to transact some specific business, or promote a shared interest.


SSVMC CLUB COLORS: Black, Red, and White. These colors are representative of Battalion dress scrolls.


CENTER PATCH DESIGN: The SSVMC center patch is inspired by art taken from a death card designed by 2nd Battalion Ranger Dave Rosini in 1987.  He sold the cards three for a dollar or 50 cents each to the members of Battalion while they were waiting in the mess hall line at the dining facility. He had five hundred cards printed. He later would paint the image on the wall of the Bravo Company barracks.


SUA SPONTE: The 75th Ranger Regiment’s motto is the Latin phrase ‘Sua Sponte’, which translates as, ‘Of Their Own Accord’. This refers to the Rangers' ability to accomplish tasks with little to no prompting and to recognize that a Ranger volunteers three times: for the Army, for Airborne School, and for the Ranger Regiment.


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